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Oklahoma City Oklahoma Cox Communications offers amazing deals at affordable prices. These deals include cable TV programming, high speed Internet and digital phone service. Cox is a proven provider, offering products and services the entire family can benefit from.

Cox Cable Oklahoma City OK is helping to entertain the family with several different programming packages, offering a wide variety of channels for entertaining and educating the adults and children in the house. These programming packages come with popular features like the DVR, and digital and HD channels, On Demand, Pay Per View and Parental Controls. These features can add additional hours of entertainment and benefit the family.

The DVR is a digital video recorder that allows families to record and store programming. This programming can be movies or favorite shows, or the next in the must-see hit series of the season. The DVR can be preset to record programming, or set to record a program that is currently been viewed. Oklahoma City Oklahoma Cox Cable also provides entertainment alternatives with their On Demand selection, offering additional children's programming, sports shows, music videos and newly released movies.

These selections are available 24/7, all of the customer's convenience. They are available to watch for up to 24 hours after the ordering process. The Cox Cable Pay Per View selections include live sporting, music and comedy events. These events and On Demand selections can be viewed in the comfort and privacy of the family home, saving valuable time and money.

Customers can watch their Pay Per View and On Demand events with the benefit of the DVR, which enables users to fast forward, rewind and pause these events to make instant replays, fast forward through boring commercials and pause the selection to run an errand.

The material on the regular cable package and the material stored on the DVR can be blocked with the Cox Cable Parental Controls. These controls can be used to block entire channels or specific shows, for the duration of the service or for set periods of time. With the Cox Cable Parental Controls, parents have the final say over what the children watch, even when they are not around. Learn more about Oklahoma City Oklahoma Cox Cable Deals here!

Cox Communications Oklahoma City Oklahoma is also able to provide high-speed internet services that are up to six times faster than DSL, and over one hundred times faster than dial up services. These speeds allow surfers to shop, chat, e-mail, bank online and download games, music, videos and movies at incredible speeds. Cox Communications also provides a safer online experience with the Cox Security Suite.

This suite offers protection from popups, viruses, spyware and identity theft. Cox Communications also offers Parental Controls that help parents monitor online activities and block undesirable content from websites, making a faster, safer online environment the whole family can benefit from.

Cox Communications also provides digital phone services that let the family make unlimited local and long distance calls, any time of the day or night, for one low monthly price. The service is also provide calling features like call-waiting, call forwarding, three way calling, call return and more.

Cox Oklahoma City OK also provides voice mail, with their Phone Tools service that allows customers to listen to and manage voicemail online. Customers can check their voice mail from any location in the world, with Internet access.

To help the family save even more money, Oklahoma City Oklahoma Cox provides these services and bundled packages. Families can get cable TV programming, high-speed Internet and digital phone services for one low monthly rate, through one provider. These bundles are made even more convenient with online bill pay services.


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